Better and faster market intelligence

Pentolum helps manufacturers, brands, retailers, and property owners in the character licensing space make more profitable decisions through specialized market intelligence software.


better decisions

Start with the right data

Product Aggregation

Browse and run analysis through a comprehensive catalog of licensed toys and apparel products in the market today.

Trend Analysis

Uncover trends in today’s market and visualize what comprises the best-selling products in each category.

Trend Predictions

We leverage big data and machine learning to predict future trends in licensed toys and apparel. See into the future.

Market Graph

Follow thousands of entertainment properties, manufacturers and retailers, and see how they are connected.

Consumer Sentiment

Get an immediate look at product review trends on thousands of licensed toys and apparel products in the market.

News Aggregation

We fetch industry news from top sources based on your interests. Then we organize it and extract insight automagically.

Why Pentolum?

Better data for better decisions.

Get your products, timing, and partners right.

In character licensing, there is a bit of a gamble in every decision you make. Decisions like picking the right property, collaborating with the right partner, developing the best product, and gauging your product’s timing.

Pentolum gathers and analyzes millions of market data points to help you make these decisions with a bit more certainty.


A real analysis and prediction tool.

Made specifically for character licensing.

Pentolum is an interactive market intelligence tool that allows professionals in the entertainment licensing space to get immediate answers, reports, and insight for the specific questions that their organizations have regarding trends, products, partners, and timing.

Get answers to questions like:



1 Millon+

Data Points







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